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96w EcoSlimLine Set
144w EcoSlimLine Set
96w Daylight EcoSlimLine Set
144w Daylight EcoSlimLine Set
1 x pair of T5 Spines
4 x 24w Strip Ballast
4 x 24w Strip Reflector
4 x 24w T5HO Tube

3 x 0.3m Fig 8 to Fig 8

1 x 2m Fig 8 to UK plug
1 x pair of T5 Spines
6 x 24w Strip Ballast
6 x 24w Strip Reflector
6 x 24w T5HO Tube
5 x 0.3m Fig 8 to Fig 8
1 x 2m Fig 8 to UK plug
144w EcoSlimLine Set Assembled Dimensions:
144w EcoSlimLine Set
610mm x 330mm x 50mm
(T5 Spine is 330mm in length)
144w ESL Set total weight approx. 2kg
T5 HO fluorescent lamps produce their maximum luminous flux at 35°C, compared with 25°C for old T8 fluorescent lamps with a tube diameter of 26 mm. Since the temperatures in the luminaire are higher than the ambient temperature of, say, 20 to 25°C, the efficiency is at least 5% higher than for old T8 fluorescent lamps. The small tube diameter of 16 mm also leads to an increase in the efficiency of the luminaire. These lamps offer even more luminous flux if they are operated within the luminaire at their optimum ambient temperature. Excellent for energy saving replacement of old HID lamps where high light output is needed.

Colours are the nlite colours , these are detailed more on charts for Spectral Power Distribution (SPD »).

Aquatic Plants: Actinic Blue for Marine Plants and PURple for Tropical & Freshwater plants.

Land Plants: Warning: All fluorescent lights emit UV light, PURple emmits proportionally the most. When using any fluorescent lighting with early seedlings or early cuttings they would be best be protected from copious amounts of UV. This is easily remedied with a single sheet of glass or perspex or plastic, between the fluorescent light source and the plant tops, a Propagator top is ideal. (see PS1 »)

In many circumstances a combination of only White and Red are traditionally used, White for all pre-flower stages and red for all post flower stages. A favourite for all pre-flower stages is 50% PURple and 50% Gold, a favourite for all post flower stages is 30% PURple and 70% Red.

PURple is known to be favoured for growing equitorial plants, such as Orchids and is proven to promote the production of flavoids which can enhance the colour, odour and and flavour of plants.

Why do plants need UV light?

UV increases the level of essential oils in mints & the production of resin by trichomes of relatives, UV is used for maximum yield and quality of these oils. UV induces color development in flowers, essential for beautiful red veins in green Kale or Chard.

Tasty Sunscreen? With added UV light, an increased level of essential oils yields a more powerful scent and flavour. The essential oils also aid in the absorption of UV light , thus a sunscreen for plants. Plants in the wild produce their own kind of “sunscreen,” called flavonoids. Flavonoids screen out some of the more dangerous UVB-type radiation.

PURple is excellent at the end of the flower cycle

UV light is needed to fully fill the glandular trichomes of basil. Plants of Ocimum basilicum L. were grown in the absence of UV light, both peltate and capitate glandular trichomes were incompletely developed in both mature and developing leaves, the oil sacs being wrinkled and only partially filled, there was a large decrease in the number of broken oil sacs among the peltate glands as the mature glands broke open, releasing volatiles. the number of glands and the qualitative & quantitative composition of the volatiles were badly affected by the lack of UV light.

Colour Temperature
Actinc (blue)
Marine 11000K
White (white)
Daylight 6400K
PURple (pink)
Bio Tropic 25000K
Gold (cream)
Cool White 4000k
Red (orange)
Warm White 2700K
nlite linear
Watt available
Colour available

T5: 14W, 21W, 28W & 35W
T5HO: 24W,39W, 54W and 80W


14 to 35 Watt T5 Strip Power Ballasts:
T5: 14W, 21W, 28W & 35W

24 to 80 Watt T5HO Strip Power Ballast:
T5HO: 24W,39W, 54W and 80W

Extruded Aluminium strip ballast will hold & power all T5 & T5HO tubes.

nlite products
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