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The "mini" - this reflector has a very strong & over-engineered lamp holder assembly & roof, thus can be used with the largest CFLs in the world with no "droop", because of it's exceptional strength and rigidity. The metal plate roof is strong enough to carry a magnetic ballast.

2 Single Lamp Reflectors - the unique nurturelite™ "mini" bolts together strongly and rigidly with another to power up to:
2 x 300w CFL or
2 x 1000w HPS lamps.

2 Single Lamp Reflectors - the unique nurturelite™ "mini" bolts together strongly and rigidly with another to power up to 2 x 300w CFL or 2 x 1000w HPS lamps.

2 Single Lamp Reflectors Excellent for applications requiring operations within limited spaces. Example of how 2 mini reflectors fit so well into a shallow recess for growing or displaying in the home.

mini BUMPER WING Fully adjustable angle Excellent for all applications requiring more down light and a controlled forward spread of light.

An Easy fitting, Simple, inexpensive add-on to the Mini Nova Reflector.

Indoor Winter Growing with CFL Dec 2006 "Twin Mini" style -Fresh Tomatoes in January is not a problem!

Using , for example 2x125w ( for Low bay) or 2x220w or 2x200w or even 2x300w CFL the mini reflector is excellent for High bay applications, easily replacing existing Metal Halide and HPS lamps that use more power and make you pay more money to your electricity/power company/provider for the same amount of light.

tomato plants under mini nova reflector
tomato plants under mini nova reflector
The Reflector includes 4m of 1.5mm 3 core flex terminated with standard IEC320 connector
nurturelite use only the best German dimple textured anodised materials. Mirrors & highly polished flat surfaces may look nice, but are not the best for reflecting light.

The reason we (as humans) prefer flat surfaces is because the reflected image seems proportional and thus clearer and brighter.

It may well excite & stimulate your brain, making you think this, especially if the reflection is of something you recognise, like your face.

A flat polished surface would be far cheaper for us to manufacture than the high quality textured anodised materials we actually use, German reflective technology and Chinese construction combine to create a high quality reflector.

Safety: If any doubt always contact an electrician. Always isolate the reflector from the ballast before removing the lamp. Always keep away from children and pets and water. Always remember that the lamp and reflector may be hot during and after use for up to half an hour. Never touch the lamp when it is switched on. Always ensure you are using the correct lamp to match your control gear.

Instructions: Remove plastic film from reflector and hang in a suitable position.

  • Screw the lamp in firmly and wipe with a suitable clean dry cloth.
  • Plug the reflector into your ballast and switch on.
  • If the lamp fails turn the unit off and remove the lamp and repeat step 1. If this still fails take the reflector back to your supplier
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