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nurturelite Energy Saving Electronic HID Ballasts with Dimming Function 600w/400w/250w

The new WP-600EU is probably the best 600w electronic ballast ever made.

HID nurtureliteVersion WP ballasts are now available with a one year warranty, this can be extended to 18months.

Consistent High Performance - Even With Unstable Voltage

With nurturelite ballasts, voltage supply input can be from 168V to 268V 50Hz AC and offers optimum performance even with an unstable voltage supply, because it regulates the power to the lamp. Even with an unstable voltage supply, there is no change in light output or colour. Furthermore, in the event of an interruption to the mains supply, the lamp remains fully stable for up to three full cycles. 110V 60Hz versions

Half Power Dimming Functionality

Because nurturelite ballasts use microelectronics they provide the functionality and energy saving characteristics of electronic control including dimming. By switching ballast to half power mode e.g. a 600w lamp can be driven by 400W and 250W effectively dimming the lamp for extending photoperiods into the night or dimming street lights after midnight

Half Power Dimming Functionality

Switching ballast to different power modes means that the lamp will be under-powered so luminous efficiency will be reduced slightly (less green range light). However, the lamp's colour output will also relatively increase significantly in the red range, this can be seen just with the human eye, often a very desirable characteristic for horticultural applications and achieving a favourable colour output compared to a standard 400W lamp at full power.

ACTUAL combined lamp and power consumption:

Measured after 5mins warm up in UK with:

  • 240V mains power) 600W model -
    624W Full Power 430W Half Power
  • 1000W/500W model*-
    1050W Full Power 650W Half Power

* 1000W measured on prototype model, so may change slightly.

Power Factor Benefits and Harmonic Distortion - Energy Efficiency with No Interference

With conventional control gear, you'd expect a power factor (PF) of around 0.85. With nurturelite ballasts this is significantly improved to near unity whilst enjoying the further benefit of a low Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) of less than 10%.

Simple Installation - Plug & Play, Glow & Grow

nurturelite ballasts can be installed up to 30 metres from the lamp allowing much easier installation and maintenance. The ballast circuitry is designed to offer special protection against shorting the output or reversed input/output lead due to incorrect installation. Installation costs are reduced by the superior near unity power factor, which allows the use of lower-cost, smaller cable sizes and/or the safe expansion of existing systems using existing wiring for an overall higher light power output.

Reduced Maintenance - Lamps Last Longer

nurturelite ballasts are designed and sold specifically for use with HPS, but actually can support most MH lamps, so a reduced amount of spare parts are required to be kept in stock. The nurturelite ballast's sophisticated lamp ignition algorithm enhances lamp life with soft starting and constant automatic adjustment of power variables. nurturelite ballasts have the added ability to ignite very old lamps which would not be possible with conventional control gear.

High Reliability - Cool & Safe

Exceptional reliability is achieved by minimizing the internal temperature rise. nurturelite ballasts benefits from a sealed enclosure technique which also utilizes an aluminum case that has been specifically designed to dissipate heat. This minimizes the internal component's ambient temperature thus providing an exceptionally long life, comparable with conventional control gear. Can be fitted with thermal protection which safeguards against extreme conditions by safely shutting down the ballast.

Lightweight Construction - Hang 'em High

nurturelite ballasts are actually significantly lighter than most conventional control gear, only 3.5Kg for a 600w unit, in turn making the fitting work so much lighter and easier. This lends itself to ceilings with l ighter load-bearing like glass houses or where more fittings are required in one area.

Completely Silent in Operation - Silent, but not Violent

nurturelite ballasts are Class A rated for noise - which means it's completely silent in operation so, there's no distracting buzz or hum, not even during start-up.

Half Power Dimming
You Control More Red Light
Move cursor over the 600w SPD graphic to see effect of Half Power, lower colour temperatures dominate, perfect for horticultural applications


1. range:168Vac~268Vac
2. rated: 220Vac
3. Frequency in:50Hz
4. Input Over-current protection: Integrated Fuse
5. P.F.:>0.99
6. T.H.D.:<10%


1. Appearance: Aluminum Professional Strong Lightweight casing. 600w = 300mmX111mmX79mm
2. Weight:3.5kg
3. Striking distance (From ballast to lamp):=15M
4. Working temp.:-35C~+50C
5. Max housing case temp.:90C.


Brown & Blue & is Live and Neutral POWER INPUT
Yellow/Green is Earth
Purple & Grey when connected together will invoke (switch ON) the half power dimming function.


1. Power out: 660W 5%
2. Lamp Voltage:90Vac~130Vac
3. Frequency out:>30KHz
4. C.C.F.:<1.7
5. Short circuit protection: Available
6. Open circuit protection: Available
7. Strike-failure protection: Available
8. Thermo protection: Available
9. EOL protection: Available
10. Dimming: 50% step dimming
11. Efficiency: >90% (based on rated )


Red & Blue are L and N High Frequency OUTPUT to the lamp
When dimming function ON: output is half power . OFF: output is full power


Full one year warranty (can be extended)

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